Women, Racial, Cultural and Sexual Minorities

My specialized work is with individuals and couples with a broad range of concerns that include anxiety, depression, relationships, self-defeating behavior, trauma, self esteem, life transition to name a few. I work with heterosexual individuals but am further specialized with lesbian and gay couples, women, racial and sexual minorities in all areas of the LGBTQI, kink, and poly communities.

Concerns for sexual, gender, racial and cultural minorities are as unique as each individual’s cultural and personal experience in the world. As we work through the issues that bring you to therapy my job as your therapist is to offer a safe, respectful, non-judgmental, and confidential environment. I have found that in a safe environment people are able to explore the life influences that create the unique lens they see the world through. In my experience it is these influences that affect the way we view the world as well as the way we interact with people around us. 

I encourage individuals to build their sense of empowerment in relationship to both themselves and the people and institutions they come into contact with on a daily basis. As your therapist I will help you take into consideration all pertinent aspects of your life including generational influences, disabilities, religion/spirituality, sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity and culture.