So you’ve made it here which means you are likely ready explore your emotional needs and overcome barriers that limit your full potential, get in the way of your relationships, or keep you stuck.


Everyone needs a little help sometimes.


There are many things we can do on our own, but true self-discovery and positive, enduring change is more likely to occur within the context of a caring and committed therapeutic relationship.

Together we can pay close attention to what’s bothering you, and to what you need, so that you can begin to develop a healthier self and more loving, fulfilling relationships. 


Hope and Change


Approaching feelings or thoughts that you have tried not to think about for a long time may be painful. Making changes in your beliefs or behaviors can be scary but most people who take these risks find that therapy is helpful.

Entering therapy requires a leap of faith. Yet, I have seen first hand the enormous impact therapy can have on peoples’ well being. I've witnessed the way it can free people from lives and relationships dominated by emotional pain. This kind of transformation is something I think everyone deserves, including you.